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Electric Mirror, LLC the world leader in Back-Lit Mirrors and Mirror TV technology

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Electric Mirror

Leaving an unforgettable impression on guests, Mirror TVs are the new standard for luxury hotels. The surprising experience and high-tech luxury drive guests to visit again and again. Electric Mirror’s® design team works directly with interior designers and hotel owners to ensure that every Mirror TV not only offers a surprising element of technology to guest baths and spas, but also fully integrates and enhances the overall design concept for a project. Electric Mirror® is the World Leader in Mirror TV Technology™, utilizing 1-inch thick LCD-TVs that are the brightest available. Electric MirrorElectric Mirror’s® designs are unsurpassed in technology and their fashion-forward aesthetic.

MIRROR TV TECHNOLOGY Electric Mirror’s® Mirror TV’s utilize ultra-bright, high-definition LCD-TV technology while maintaining an amazing 1-inch thick profile. Our Mirror TV’s are Energy-Star compliant and registered. On-Screen Display offers language support in Spanish, French and English.

BOE™ Technology Treat your guests to the luxury of a Mirror TV at an entry level pricepoint. Using the brightest mirror possible, BOE technology allows 99% of the LCD-TVs brightness to display when in the on position. Electric MirrorWhen turned off, the TV screen appears as a black screen. AV-Mirror™ Technology The best of both worlds,

AV-Mirror Technology uses the brightest mirror possible while camouflaging the TV screen when in the off position. Appearing as a reflective surface that varies in brightness from the surrounding mirror when turned off, AV Technology allows the ultra-bright LCD-TV to display 99% of its brightness and color when turned on.

V-Mirror™ Technology For the ultimate element of surprise, Mirror TVs utilizing V-Mirror Technology allow the TV screen to completely vanish when turned off. Electric Mirror® uses the brightest LCD-TVs on the market to offer the clearest picture to transmit when turned on. The reflection of V-Mirror is darker than that of AV and BOE technologies.


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