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Exceptional Service Driven by Design

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Exceptional Service Driven by Design

We all know Paris as "The City of Lights," but we'd all agree we have our own illumination capital right here in the States: Las Vegas. Outdoor lighting displays are everywhere, one bigger than the next, one brighter than the next. But all competing for our attention as we walk the Strip, awestruck and sometimes overwhelmed, beckoning us to enter the casino, resort or hotel.

And then you step inside. Wynn Las Vegas, Encore, Bellagio, MGM Grand, The Mirage, Venetian/Palazzo, M Resort. You're immediately dazzled by the interior, the attention to detail and finely appointed decor. What pulls it all together, the crowning touch, is often the decorative lighting fixtures that grace these voluminous spaces and lend elegance, character and panache to each environment. It's this inspired and intricate design element that complements—and enhances—the scheme and captures the essence of the space.

For decades, two names, with careers both launched by Steve Wynn, have been synonymous with creating the interior lighting magic of Las Vegas: Alger International and Triton Chandelier, major players in hospitality and gaming, respectively. From the hotel lobby to the casino floor, the companies, independently, have led the industries. Exceptional Service Driven by DesignWhile Triton's history is built primarily on the local Vegas market and Alger International's on a broader, national base, both present a robust portfolio of clients including Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, St. Regis and Westin to name a few. And while Triton's success is most notably grounded in service, and Alger is highly regarded for design innovation and material selection, it's what these two companies have in common that sets them apart from, and way ahead of, the competition. Each brings with it a solid history of experience. Each a successful business model and strong design philosophy. Each a name established by quality, craftsmanship, skill. And each, unparalleled leadership. Bring them together, and you've got a powerhouse.

Introducing Alger-Triton International. This new partnership draws on the strengths of both brands to create a custom decorative lighting manufacturer offering exceptional service driven by design.

Hallmarks of both Alger and Triton, commitment to quality, passion and creativity, are evident in each fixture designed and delivered by Alger-Triton. Exceptional Service Driven by DesignWith exceptional creative interpretation, incomparable attention to detail and an eye for visual appeal, the company's lighting solutions will create a unique experience, lasting impression and inspiring aesthetic for a variety and diversity of venues. If you can imagine it, they can create it—to your exact specifications—turning concepts into reality as the artistic vision is realized. Finding and incorporating new materials into the creative process is essential to the art of decorative lighting, and Alger-Triton prides itself on bringing a unique assortment to each and every project for true, one-of-a-kind results.

But this attention to detail is equally matched by the attention Alger-Triton provides its clients. Incomparable service means that Alger-Triton will create fixtures that will not only exceed your expectations; they'll be delivered on time and with the utmost integrity. This focus on customer service is no surprise considering the emphasis that Alger-Triton places on people... its people. Exceptional Service Driven by DesignHuman resources and human touch are paramount to the company's ethic and will prove a cornerstone for its future success. And that success starts at the top. Fully invested in the daily operations of the business, the executive team is unmatched in the industry with experienced, involved principles leading Alger-Triton, managing each project from consultation to installation: Clark Scott, president; Mishel Michael, principal; and Rick Cooley, principal. Growing their businesses at both Alger International and Triton Chandelier, respectively, to capture the hospitality and gaming markets, they are now poised to lead nationally and grow internationally as they look to expand Alger-Triton on a global platform. In addition to the executive team, Alger-Triton 's project management team, a combination of seasoned veterans from both companies, provides a unique advantage, underscoring Alger-Triton's commitment to providing an optimal experience, concept to completion. From the executives to management to field reps to onsite supervision, each project is strategized, executed and finalized with confidence and personal care.

But it's not only the combined—and compatible—philosophies and experience that makes Alger-Triton cutting-edge, it's the combined resources, making this Culver City, CA-based company the lighting resource for custom decorative illumination needs. Enhanced equipment and manufacturing methods, larger and more experienced fabrication and production teams, doubled design library archives and fixture molds, a shared and expanded manufacturing facility, an augmented database of clients and an upsurge in inventory come together to create a company with phenomenal procurement strength and unlimited capabilities.

Not to mention relationships. The substantial brand/client relationships that Scott, Michael and Cooley have formed, built and maintained over their years of dedication to the lighting industry are remarkable; a powerful triumvirate with a roster of contacts. Exceptional Service Driven by DesignAnd it's these relationships, combined with the executives' experience, hands-on approach and customer-first attitude, which will grow and support the company's plans for increasing its international portfolio. But Alger-Triton's plans to grow reach beyond the core brand to the expansion of sister brand, Wired, which specializes in high-end residential chandeliers and wall sconces.

With gallery-inspired showrooms currently on the West and East Coasts, in the South and in London, Wired will be moving into Russia and the Middle East. Furthermore, fixtures designed formerly for Triton Chandelier, will be introduced into the line to offer more options and versatility as Wired continues to explore the synergy between the residential and hospitality markets in terms of design.

Alger-Triton's mission of "exceptional service driven by design," draws from the companies' pasts as leaders in both delivery and creativity; informs the partnership's present as it solidifies a foundation based on customer loyalty and creative excellence; and inspires the future as performance and execution motivate the company's approach to its niche business.

Look for information and offerings from Alger-Triton in its soon-to-be released catalog, its upcoming website at and in selected design publications.

ALGER-TRITON INTERNATIONAL 8690 National Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 310-229-9500


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