Interior Design Projects Attic Apartment in Vinohrady

Attic Apartment in Vinohrady

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Julie Wimmer was asked by an American investor to design the interior of his new apartment in Prague. The flat is not very large, only a 43 m² on the top floor. This position makes it very interesting because of the unusual shape of the ceiling, a nice view, and a lot of sun light. The flat is divided into a small hall, a bathroom with a toilet, a large kitchen, and only one room which has to take a bedroom, a home office, dressing and living rooms.

The special shape of the ceiling is attractive but limiting for interior design. The client wanted to use this flat for himself and as a typical man had only a few requests. Except of the usual things he highlighted a big TV, an office desk with a comfortable chair, a large bed, and enough storage space.

All of these needs were successfully fulfilled. The big TV was used as the main element on the wall opposite of the bed. The space under the low part of the ceiling was ideal for the office desk, and the opposite side of the room was furnished by a large bed with one long stair ideal for seating and storage. Behind the bed is a library and along the wall is a specially shaped wardrobe. The kitchen furnishing was designed with regard to practicality and consists of all modern appliances such as dishwasher, a built in microwave, a washing machine with dryer, a fridge, etc. The table can be extended and comfortably seat six people. The very small hall had to be furnished efficiently with a tall built in wardrobe and small shoe shelves which can be used as a seat. The long mirrors on the front doors of the wardrobe make the space seem bigger than it is.

Very simple combination of the materials and colors makes this flat very airy and light. Pictures and paintings add more playfulness and vibrancy to the flat.

My client will be happy to live in this apartment and enjoy the practical use of the space and the nice design of custom made furniture.

Photo by Martin Mraz

Photo by Martin Mraz




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